Installing Tomcat6 to be able running in Eclipse on Ubuntu

7 years, 10 months ago 0
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I’ve run through several issues while trying to set Tomcat 6 running embedded in Eclipse on Ubuntu 11.04. This solution worked for me.

sudo apt-get install tomcat6 tomcat6-*
sudo ln -s /var/lib/tomcat6/conf /usr/share/tomcat6/conf
sudo ln -s /etc/tomcat6/policy.d/03catalina.policy /usr/share/tomcat6/conf/catalina.policy
sudo ln -s /var/log/tomcat6 /usr/share/tomcat6/log
sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/share/tomcat6/conf

After running this you are now able to embed Tomcat in Eclipse and use it as usually. Pffff.

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